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Process Engineer

Supply Chain
Konya, Konya

JOB TITLE: Process Engineer
JOB LOCATION: Konya IC Factory
DEPARTMENT: Supply Chain (SC)


A Great Supply Chain is the key winning formula for everyday’s business world and supply chain is the spine of success in every company.

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We are looking for a ProcessEngineer to work in our Factory located in Konya.


  • Developing and define the working parameters for the processes.

  • Managing the process through process parameters and defining the countermeasures against out of spec parameters.

  • Ensuring production goes with zero defects (time loss / reworks / waste / overconsumption) by 100 % compliance to Unilever line effectiveness and quality standards in manufacturing.

  • Focusing on development for error proof and full proof methodologies to eliminate the need for alignment and adjustment.

  • Developing and maintain instructions and standard operating procedures for all type of task.

  • Responsible for safety in the area and the occupational health of people work with.

  • Taking the responsibility to analyse risks and take countermeasures against these.

  • Working on workplace organization in shop floor in order to increase productivity.

  • Responsible for the commissioning of new products with R&D and engineering team.

  • Responsible to put comments as supply chain part. Participate in conducting trial and industrial tests of new types of packaging materials, raw materials and finished products.

  • Supporting innovation network meetings for new product launches in terms of technical know-how.

  • Taking the responsibility of know-how generation and expansion of know-how in the factory.

  • Propose saving projects.

  • Participating in projects to upgrade existing equipment, as well as purchase new ones.

  • Participating / leading improvement projects, study WCM tools and apply them in practice in improvement projects.

  • Participating in the HACCP program, develops measures to reduce risks and guarantee consumer safety in the unit.

  • Identifying the causes of equipment malfunctions or defects. If necessary, take part in the repair, installation, dismantling, testing and adjustment of particularly complex units of equipment (units and machines) in cooperation with maintenance.

  • Participating in the training of production operators.

  • Participating in the annual certification of production operators.

  • Developing and maintaining a reporting system and working documentation regarding the production process functionality.

  • Developing and supporting production team to create and update WCM activity boards.

  • Advising and supporting in cooperation with WCM coordinator, production staff on the application of WCM techniques.

  • Participating in conducting internal meetings aimed at developing measures to prevent and eliminate non-conformities, and reduce losses.

  • Responsible for the validation of all process improvements and the establishment of revised basic conditions on the line.

  • A core deliverable is to eliminate losses and wastes and increase the stability of the line to support the transition of traditional line teams to semi-autonomous teams. 


  • University degree preferably in Engineering

  • Fluent in English & Turkish

  • Good communication skills.

  • Ability of analytical thinking.

  • Engineering with a strong understanding of manufacturing processes, safety, productivity and quality assurance

  • Ability of handling several projects simultaneously and meeting tight deadlines.

  • Working effectively with different departments.

  • Proficiency in MS Office applications

  • Problem solving skills.

  • Preferably no military obligation for male candidates.

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