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Soap Mix operator

Supply Chain
Dschidda, Mecca Region

Job Title: Soap Mix operator

Profession: Supply Chain, Manufacturing

Location: Jeddah KSA

Main Job Purpose:

The range of Operator (Basic) roles varies between categories and technologies, but generally sits within the Mixer, Packer, Palletiser, Production Ancillary and Sealer Job Families.       

The Operator (Basic) is responsible for carrying out general line operations and cleaning regimes according to planned operational requirements in order to safely deliver a good quality packed product.  As a core member of the operations team the Operator (Basic) plays an important role in maintaining line safety and will identify process or line issues to leaders.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Operational Activities:

  • Start-Up/Shutdown procedures - Carries out pre start-up checks to ensure that the area and equipment is clean and is in a safe condition as per the SOP.  Assists shutting down equipment and the area as per the SOP.

  • Cleaning –Performs initial inspection and cleaning as per SOPs.  Will alert team leaders to potential sources of contamination and dirt identified in inaccessible places.

  •  Material Availability - Provides a continuous supply of appropriate packaging material from storage areas to demarcated storage areas as per existing 5S standards. 

  • Quality - Monitors quality against set standards and reports any product and packaging faults.  Detects process abnormalities quickly and takes emergency action to prevent them.

  •  Administration – Conducts effective hand-over activities and accurately records events that have occurred during shift (cases packed/rejects etc).

  • Safety – Full knowledge and understanding of all safe practices and systems relevant to the Sourcing Unit and the legal responsibility placed upon individuals.  Must actively contribute to the safe working environment.

  • Workplace Hazards - Full knowledge of workplace and hazards within it.  Utilise appropriate safety and environmental procedures for people, processes, materials, products and equipment relevant to the task.

  • Environment - Reduce costs due to waste and minimise impact to health, safety and the environment through working to eliminate waste and through the correct handling of waste and hazardous materials.  Must actively contribute to an eco-efficient environment.

  • Continuous Improvement – An awareness of how to use performance measures to identify and prioritise losses in production area; provides description of problems and can provide monitoring of process or line issues.

  • Teamwork – Must be a good team member capable of working within a highly effective team; responsible, supportive and reliable.

  • Communication – Can adequately communicate issues relating to safety and can provide operational observations and inputs to support decision makers by team leaders.

  • Physical Ability – Operators require a level of agility to move quickly between workstations, ascend and descend steps often carrying loads.  Assembly and control operations also require a level of hand eye coordination and finger dexterity.  Monitoring and Quality assurance tasks require an adequate level of sight and smell.

Other Requirements:

  • Must be flexible within pattern of shift work  to accommodate factory shutdowns, training courses etc.

Professional Qualifications:

  • National school leaver qualifications in Reading and Comprehension, Writing and Mathematics.  This will support recording of data and general teamwork skills with emphasis on good communication.

Experience Required:


  • Applicant must be a committed team worker with a strong sense of responsibility and good attention to detail.  Effective communication skills and an agile mind are essential.


  • Experience of manufacturing in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company is desirable but not essential.

  • IT Skills – competent in the use of Microsoft Office; Excel and Word programmes is preferred.

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