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Transformation Project Engineer (Fixed Term Contract)

Supply Chain
Cavite, Central Luzon

Job Purpose

The role covers the leadership in terms of project execution and delivery of identified projects for Nutrition Cavite which will bring about significant savings in Utilities, efficiencies in Operations, and reduction in Production Cost. This includes the overall responsibility of implementing and execution of the different stage of the project safely, on-time, in full and within budget. The role will be in-charge of coordination and execution of Project Plans and Design (Conceptual, Preliminary and Detailed Engineering).  He/She needs to control, monitor and manage the project including all aspects of safe execution, costs, project network, Contractor Management, quality of results, installation, commissioning and ramp-up of the project. He/She will work directly with the Project Engineer Assistant Manager to ensure the implementation of the project governance and complete Management of Change.

Project Scope

The role will ensure on time, in full, and safe execution of the following Projects for Nutrition:

Quality – Digital Blending Execution

Capacity – Selo tank capacity improvement

Waste – Uniclan conversion to Servo, and Amixon Chute improvement

Savings – Dressings RH and Temperature improvement

M&I – Rainwater leak improvement and Canopy Expansion


The role responsibilities are to plan, craft, manage, and execute the following phases of work which form the execution part of the project. Key elements of the role include:

Project Engineering and Management 

  • Ensures all project execution follows and complies to relevant SHE standards.
  • Enforce and implement Work Permit process to ensure full compliance and adherence to standards before commencement of work. Should stop and suspend work if non-compliant to standards and immediately correct issue.
  • Inspect project execution progress and review vs agreed/approved design, specifications, design briefs and project milestones.
  • Coordinates the daily project execution plan with relevant contractors and project resources. 
  • Review and monitor the progress versus the agreed milestones and project network.
  • Highlights key issues affecting the project on cost, timings and quality of work and conduct sessions for alternative solutions and resolutions.
  • Incorporate any changes and obtain alignment and authorisation
  • Lead clash checking activities.
  • Discuss with contractors the catch up plans to mitigate any delays to the network
  • Review work packages, drawings, working papers, specifications, reports, proposals and any other documents from all consultants and specialist consultants and provide comments accordingly. 
  • Carry out cost comparisons of alternative design or construction solutions as necessary. 

Resourcing Appointments

  • Monitor the performance of consultants and contractors in the execution of their duties and the discharge of their responsibilities.
  • Advises and make recommendations to the Project Lead on the need for the appointment of specialist consultants and contractors to execute resolution of technical issues at site.

Reporting and Meetings

  • Establish appropriate channels of communication between members of the project team.
  • Report project status during the Weekly Project Governance
  • Check appropriate information is provided and notify stakeholders of decisions required from them.
  • Create and maintain project library and document control, in relation to e-MOC procedure

Capital Budgeting & Financial management

  • Prepare and maintain a master cost plan tracker
  • Advise the Project Lead of any alterations required and information required to obtain authorization for changes.
  • Escalate any issues that would require authorisation for costs of variations when limit of authority is exceeded and check that costs are being agreed.

Contract procedures

  • Work with Procurement on procedures for contract preparation and information necessary to effect procurement standards and process.
  • Support the Procurement process on areas needed to ensure contracts are in place.
  • Work with contractors for any license and permits requirement.

Project Close-Out / Change Management

  • Close-out any asset related activities required for the project.
  • Submit the Final Deliverable Data, Information and Documents.
  • Review all pending project payment and clear them to help complete the Financial Closure.
  • Close-out all identified risk with relevant stakeholders
  • Identify learning opportunities to develop Lessons Learned for project stakeholders
  • Conduct Project Closure MeetingPrepare the final project close-out report. Ensure complete MoC documents


  • Experience of at least 3 years on project engineering and management in area of manufacturing, 3P Management and Construction Site experience in FMCG or Light Industrial Projects.
  • Have a hands-on technical ability in manufacturing, with a recognized engineering degree in Mechanical or Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering. He / She must be able to display strong control capability.
  • Have demonstrated understanding of networks and ability to re-organize task across the entire deliver process and advise accordingly.
  • Be able to understand job requirements and advise on appropriate resources to complete the work.
  • Demonstrated leadership in financial control and business process.
  • Demonstrated contract management understanding and ability to document and record relevant documentation
  • Ability to work with multiple discipline projects
  • Proficiency in report writing, data analysis, problem solving, mechanical calculations and leadership skills.

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